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Thread: '70 455 GS belt pulley issue

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    '70 455 GS belt pulley issue

    Hello all.
    My 455 engine has OE AC unit, ready to go (I hope) but has never been belted.
    After careful inspection and using a lazer, we've come to realize that the Crank Pulley aligns with the power steering pump,
    but is not aligned with the Alternator or AC compressor pulley grooves. The Crank pulley is sticking out about 3/16".
    I'm surprised I have never thrown a belt on the alternator. As best as we can tell, AC compressor and Alt are mounted correctly.
    I've researched, but don't find any different 3 groove pulleys for crank. Thanks ahead of time for suggestions.

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    have you tried putting washers behind the Alt to bump it out into alignment? you should be able to shim either the bracket or the accessory.
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    The Buick Master Parts book shows the 1967-70 big blocks (400-430-455) use the same 3-groove crank pulley where all three grooves look to have the same diameter. The '71 and later have a smaller diameter groove for the power steering belt than the others. Not sure what the transition looks like where it goes from the small groove to the larger grooves. If one of the later type made it onto your engine somehow, that might account for the outer two belts riding too far forward.

    The small block engines (300-340-350) use different pulleys with smaller diameter grooves overall. A similar redesign occurred in '71 to get unequal groove sizes. Don't know if the bolt pattern would even bolt onto the big block crank.

    Attached is a belt layout drawing from the book for the '70 455s. Looks like the A/C belt also rides in the rear groove of the alternator pulley. So those two pulleys also have to be in line with each other. Would be interesting to see if the fan pulley aligns with the crank pulley or the A/C & alternator pulleys.
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