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Thread: Exhaust Electra 62

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    Exhaust Electra 62

    I'm looking for someone who has built a 2.5 inch exhaust system.
    Build pics and parts you have used are estimated.

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    Sorry, no build pics or anything, but I have done a '67 GS400 and a '66 Riviera GS. both with Flowmaster 2.5" mandrel bend kits. Worked out great. You will need a mig welder, and I used exhaust band clamps, and a set of vise grips modified with a couple of pieces of 1-1/2" angle iron about 5-6" long to line up and hold the pieces for tacking.

    The Riviera may loose its system because I want it quiet. The GS400 could face the same fate. The GS400 will keep its electric cutouts for when I want to be heard Everyone but me loves Flowmasters, they were built with the American Thunder 17119 kits.
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