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Thread: Need help on VIN and Engine Number

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    Need help on VIN and Engine Number

    Dear All,

    First of all to explain my problem, is to tell you guys I live in the Netherlands in Europe.
    I bought a 1953 buick super eight through a Belgian guy who imported it from California.
    I received a title with my purchase.
    In order to get a license plate here you need to pass a technical control and they will stamp the original VIN number in the frame if this has not been done yet.
    Unfortunately on the US title the engine number has been use as the VIN number.
    Therefor I need to proof that this engine number is linked to this body in order to get a license plate and go on the road.
    In other words I need to proof that the Title I have is linked to this car. If not I can not get my car road legal.
    Hereby all the information I have:

    (vin number at door style) 47022232

    Engine number (and also registered ID number on title) V1878315

    ID plate at engine bay

    1953 MOD 52
    style no 53-4519
    body BK9324
    Trim no 50
    Paint no 58

    Hopefully somebody can give me some precious info in order to get my license plate


    Joey Terwindt
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    Bad News

    At the time your Buick was manufactured, the company did not build "numbers matching" cars. The serial number relates to the location the car was assembled (first numeral) and the sequential order of the build. Engines had a number stamped on the block without regard to the chassis serial number.
    There may be a way to associate the two numbers that satisfies the necessary authorities if presented with this information. Also, if you can contact the party who sold the car to you, he or she may be able to provide the necessary information form documents used in the the importation process. So far as I know, California registers cars by serial number, not engine number. (I have not made a transaction in California since 1969).

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    1953 Buick VIN and Engine Number

    I had a similar issue when attempting to purchase a 53 Skylark from California. The California title had the engine information, instead of the body VIN tag information on the title, which is unacceptable in the state of Ohio. I was told by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in Ohio that I would need a notarized declaration from the seller stating that the car had been inspected in California and that the engine number was associated with the VIN tag affixed to the pillar. My understanding is that titling a car in California using the engine information was common practice during the 1950's. Whether or not it makes sense is a moot point as that doesn't resolve your problem. As far as I know, there is no way to associate the engine number with the VIN tag as the body serial number was not part of the engine stamping back iin the 1950's. As a suggestion, you might try contacting the Buick Heritage Alliance,, or the AACA Library and Research Center,, for guidance and/or assistance. Good luck.

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