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Thread: 1965 Buick Special Convertible Doors

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    1965 Buick Special Convertible Doors

    Good Morning Everyone,

    I am currently restoring a 1965 Buick Special Convertible. I am new to Buicks, and am going to need
    some help with this one....

    The doors on this are rusted out pretty bad and I need to replace them (drivers side at the very least).
    Can anyone tell me if they will interchange with any other models (Riviera, Skylark,etc)? Are the convertible
    ones specific, or would coupe ones work?

    Any help will be appreciated.I am sure I will have more questions as I go along.


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    Door 4492518 right, 4492519 left

    Parts book shows the basic door (less paint, trim, glass, hardware) is the same on the '64-'65 Special and Skylark. Convertible and 2-Dr hardtop use the same part nos. The 2-Dr sedan is different.
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