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Thread: 71 Riviera Boattail resto

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    71 Riviera Boattail resto

    Hello all
    I have imported a beautiful Riv Boattail from Japan.
    The previous owner had sadly 'pimped' it over there, so its running full hydraulics, 20"chrome rims, chain steering wheel, dice shifter etc.
    I am hoping to restore her back as she should be, and am seeking any friendly advice/input from you other Buick lovers!
    The vin plate reads as follows
    ST71 49487FL1 075536BDY
    TR684 01D 65 E PNT
    Can anyone out there help me with what the specific codes mean? IE body and trim colour etc?
    Much love to all
    Many thanks in advance.

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    *scratches head*

    seems like a Boat Tail should have been available from the USA/Canada for a lot less hassle, but good on ya.

    TR684 == vinyl interior in Sandalwood
    01D == Jan, 4th week production
    65 E PNT ==

    E is Nocturne Blue paint job
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    Thanks Bob,
    You do make a valid point, esp as HMRC in their infinite wisdom took the reg date in Japan as her first reg date, and thus charged me 25% more combined import duty and VAT!!!!!!
    Anyways, she will be up for sale in the near future, as i have 5 other vehicles im working on, and she is almost too pretty for me to spend the right time and sort parts etc for her.
    I will take some pics soon to add on here, and if anyone is looking for a beaut of a boat, we can start a process.
    She is currently unregistered.
    She runs and drives (and makes a most epic racket!!!!) but is in need of some fairly specialist tlc i feel.
    Thanks again for the info,

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