This is a weird one. Well, I think it is at least.

I've been chasing an issue with my '64 Special. The car sputtered to the point of wanting to die when navigating a LH turn, regardless of speed. The carb has good driveability everywhere else when the engine is fully warm, with the exception of a slight stumble on takeoff.

The carb is a new, re-manufactured unit. All the external and internal moving parts slide/turn/rotate freely without slop. I did a lot of troubleshooting and research (I verified idle speed, idle mixture, float drop, float height) and confirmed all were to spec.

It was really acting like the float height was set too high, and during left turns, fuel slosh inside the carb would flood it out. This was confirmed by accelerating through a LH turn - the higher air demand would reduce the sputter. So, I adjusted the float level down a little, and it got a little better. I adjusted it a little lower, and I got it to the point that it only sputters when navigating a LH turn at a fairly high speed. I can live with that I suppose.

The problem is, now that I've set the float low enough to provide good drivability, now I have a cold start issue. The car starts easily enough, but stalls when cold. And since the float level is set low, the fuel level in the bowl in insufficient to provide a "squirt" through the pump discharge. I literally have to start it, keep the rev's up, and let it idle for 10+ minutes before I can put it into gear and go. And if it happens to stall again, I physically have to pour a little fuel down the throat of the carb to get it restarted, since the pump discharge won't provide the squirt.

Is there an internal baffle that controls fuel slosh that I can add, so I can set the float a little higher? Is the accelerator pump discharge at all adjustable? I'm simply trying to get this thing so it will start, run, and steer without dying...