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Thread: Ignition Trouble 1970 Skylark

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    Ignition Trouble 1970 Skylark

    Hello everyone need a little help.

    So about a month ago I started and issue with my car not starting sometimes, I was like the car wasn't in park all the way so if I bump the gear lever up it would start right up, so I just figured I wasn't getting it all the way in park like I said.

    Well that turned into me having to lift up on the steering wheel to make it start to it barely wanting to start at all. When I turn the key all the light come on but it wouldn't turn over.

    So I replaced the ignition switch, ignition switch and the turn signal switch. It started right up the first time in park with no issues for about two days now it's even worse than before.

    Sometimes it will start in Reverse or in drive but never in park and sometimes not at all.

    I ordered another neutral safety switch thinking maybe it is a bad part but can anyone tell me what they think the main culprit would be? I was thinking starter solenoid but haven't done anything with it yet and I checked the trans linkage and it seems to be fine.

    Thanks Josh

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    Since it can start in reverse or drive there is definitely a problem around the neutral safety/backup lamp switch. Switch may have worked loose and is out of adjustment. There may be a problem with the linkage that drives the switch. The switch itself may be bad.
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    71 chassis manual should help with the trouble shooting
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