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Thread: 1947 Engine wiring Questions, Horn, Distrbutor, Carb Starter

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    1947 Engine wiring Questions, Horn, Distrbutor, Carb Starter

    I am wiring my 1947 Buick Special Series 40. The engine is a 248 from a 1950 special, or so I'm told. Now, I'm rewiring it with wires that are not the proper colors as stated in the diagrams in service manual. With that said my first question is regarding the horn button.IMG_4603.JPG. As you can see I have the wire coming out of the center of the wheel. Am I missing a button or does this wire go somewhere else?

    Question 2: On original coil it was a shielded wire to ignition from bottom of coil, the replacement coil has 2 top terminals. How do I know which terminal goes to distributor? IMG_4607.jpg

    3rd Question: On the starter switch located on the carb which side goes where? I want to be sure before I connect battery. IMG_4606 (003).jpg

    Thanks for any help.

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    Question #3 The wires can go either way. When you tromp on the gas pedal to start you are just completing a circuit to the starter relay.

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    The wire in the steering wheel is the ground for the horn relay and fits into the plate under the steering wheel and grounds when your horn button is pushed.

    The power wire goes to the + side, the - side goes to the distributor. If you are doing a 12 volt conversion, you need to wire it differently.

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