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Thread: Cylinder Head ID.

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    Cylinder Head ID.

    I have 2 sets of heads, one set has AX2 and the other set has A1 or AX1 casting numbers, what is the difference in these heads? Marvin

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    What are the casting numbers???? Those numbers mean little or nothing.
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    Buick casting numbers are typically 7 digits, sometimes 6, sometimes more.

    you're not going to see the Buick casting number unless you pull the valve cover off.

    Big Block casting numbers are here:

    AX2 and A1 sound like two / three digit engine stamping codes and are actually on the exposed face of the block between the #1 and #3 spark plugs. i don't recognize "AX" as a valid Buick stamping though.

    how many cylinders are these heads for? v6 or v8?
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    Actually, the Nailhead casting numbers are on the outside of the head on the exhaust side.
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