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1956 Buick Special and Century Firewall Power Brake Conversion, Dual Master

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You might have seen my power brake conversion in some of my posts here. based on the messages and reactions I got, I am offering it for sale, in a complete kit.
This kit gives you a firewall mounted, dual reservoir system with an entirely new and different brake pedal system.

This can be used with factory drums, disc/ drum or disc/ disc. Just tell me which you have and I will give you the correct proportioning valve.

It will have the pedal feel of a modern car- less effort required but a good and firm feel.

Installation is fairly straightforward- no cutting required, this kit doesn't involve anything permanent that can't be undone in a couple hours! You have to remove the driver side air box and vent door, and then this kit bolts in. You lose the ability to use the driver side vent, but aren't these cars drafty enough already?

Brake lines are included and pre-bent.

I have personally installed this on four 1956 Buicks with great results. It will NOT fit the larger roadmaster and super. If you have one of these, give me a call, and I would like to work with you and design a kit for the larger car.

This kit includes a new sheet metal piece that goes beneath your steering column- the factory piece has tabs for the original brake pedal that would interfere with the new pedal

What's in the kit:
Firewall bracket
Brake pedal bracket, goes through air vent hole
Brake pedal W/ Bushings and rubber pad
Steering column bracket for power steering cars (the factory air box held the steering column in place, this does the same job using factory steering column bolt holes)
Interior, below steering column firewall cover plate
New GM style brake booster
New GM style master cylinder
All new high quality bolts
2X 3/16" brake lines- custom cut, bent, and flared
Proportioning Valve (mounts beneath MC, pictured)
Misc. hardware

Chrome parts are available.

All metal parts are CAD designed and cut on a plasma table for consistent high quality results, Mig welded, and then painted in a heavy duty, semi gloss black.

Feel free to call or text me at 360-713-1019

$700 including shipping to anywhere in continental US