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Thread: look for 65 Skylark V8 300 4.9L parts

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    look for 65 Skylark V8 300 4.9L parts

    Hello. I'm looking for some parts for my 65 Skylark. If anyone knows a great site or point of contact that is selling parts that I have listed below please let me know.

    I'm looking to buy a used or restro 1965 300 Air Cleaner and new A/C Condenser. I'm trying to make the car look as original as possible. If anyone has any ideas on the air cleaner please let me know.

    Gunny Greene

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    TA Performance has a fricking HUGE decal section in their catalog. there's a good chance they'll have the decals for the cleaner.

    either that, or you could sticker it as a 425.

    here's the ClassicBuick page:

    something like BuickFarm or that guy in Texas should be able to get the actual parts.
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