Just dreaming but I was wondering if anyone has put a 320 straight eight in a 52 Super. I know the radiator has to go forward, motor mounts fabricated ect. ect. But will the engine fit down where it belongs and with out modifying the firewall and the factory oil pan not coming in contact with the crossmember. I want AC and more power with a modern automatic transmission and get rid of the enclosed driveshaft rear end. With a 320 build it for torque at lower RPM so you could run 3:42 gears for road speed and less RPM's. My 263 needs a total rebuild so I would only be out the price of a 320. Has anyone had experience fitting a 320 into a Super chassis? I live in Oregon. Anybody have a 320 they want to sell? Go ahead tell me I am nuts for even considering this project.