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Thread: Oil Recommendation?

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    Oil Recommendation?

    any recommendations on oil to use in a recently rebuilt 430 motor? Weight?

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    Subject to criticize, but I run 15-40 diesel in just about everything after running out the break in oils.

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    yeah, 15w-40 Shell Rotella is what i normally go for.

    zinc and other metallic lubricates have been stripped out of the modern auto oil formulations because they kill catalytic convertors if your rings are sloppy and you're getting much blow by. they're still in the diesel oils to a certain extent.

    the reason this is important is that ~10 years ago a bunch of guys all over the country started wiping cam lobes on just re-built engines. ALL BRANDS. turns out that the old push rod lifters just about have to have the zinc additives or the modern oils don't provide enough lubrication for virgin cams.
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