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Thread: Mystery Clunk.

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    Mystery Clunk.

    Hey guys, Here's my mystery clunk.

    Big slamming metal clunk (single) sound with quick acceleration.


    Not hard acceleration.. just quick...around 1500rpm
    Doesn't happen with very slow start.
    Doesn't happen past 20 mph.
    Doesn't happen in neutral.
    Doesn't happen in reverse.
    Shifts from park to drive/reverse seamlessly.
    Doesn't lurch between gears at all.
    Clunk literally lifts and drops car from driverside wheel.
    Feels like driving over a curb. Yes, a 4" curb.
    Almost all likage mounts are dry rotted but everything is bolted in...or seems to be.
    Extremely loud, single clunk.

    Other parameters noticed. Very well could be seperate issues:
    Slight vibration while driving now.
    All new brakes that worked fine until this, now a slight push careens the car to the side.

    Any ideas?

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    Maybe a rear axle control arm or control arm bushing. You didnt say what kind of car, so I am assuming it actually does have control arms.

    A distant second choice could be a U-joint.


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    Driver side motor mount? Just throwing it out there

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