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Thread: 62 skylark convertible info

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    62 skylark convertible info

    I'm about to buy a 62 skylark convertible and I have a few questions someone may have the answers to. Here's some background on the car. It has the 215 4 barrel from a 63 skylark and it comes with a brand new white top, it is currently a rolling chassis with enough good parts to build 2 cars. There is very little rust and the guy has included extra panels for what rust there is. It is currently in about 4 different primers, but I am going to have it media blasted.

    It was originally Glacier blue with blue interior and blue top, I've never seen or heard of one with this combo.

    Is this a rare combo? If so how many were made?

    I am thinking of painting it the cadet blue with a factory white interior and white top. Just like it would of come from the factory if it had been ordered that way, I think it will look better and with the wrong engine it won't be an original restoration anyway. If it is a rare combo I will find a 62 engine and restore it the way it rolled off the line. At this point I can go either way, but I do prefer the darker blue with white unless I will be ruining a rare car to do it.

    Thank you for reading

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    '62 convertible

    Hi. In reply to your post, I would just build it how you want to. It will be nice and it will be the car you want. Now, if it were all #'s matching etc, and you had a stack of paperwork on it, then it would be a shame to change it. I'm working on a '63 convertible right now. Parts are hard to find, but it's a fun car to drive. My car is a dark red originally, but it's for my wife, and she wants it to be light yellow, so to me its no big deal to change the color.By the way, I have also had a real hard time finding info on the 61-63 skylarks.

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