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Canadian car identification here: Serial Numbers 1935-1964 | 1965-1966
and more information in the reference section here.
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Thread: Need help identifying nailhead by engine number

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    Need help identifying nailhead by engine number

    I am purchasing a project car (1928 Model A) with a Nailhead motor to put in it. I am having trouble identifying what engine size it is. the Casting Number is 13622564. I believe it may have come out of a late 60's Wild Cat.

    Please Help.

    Edsel Townsend

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    The best way to ID a '59 or later nailhead engine is by the production code. The production code is on the passenger side on top of the engine block infront of the valley pan. The production code is stamped upside down when looking towards the rear of the car. Here is where to find the numbers:

    Here is a table that has all of the production codes:

    The engine serial number is located on the drivers side and can also help in identifying the year the engine was built.
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    Here is a link to help you identify your Buick engine by the numbers:

    There is also other relevant identification articles in the reference section.

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