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Thread: Adding a PCV system

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    Adding a PCV system

    I am transplanting a 401 into my 1956wagon this winter and am working on some of the engine details. Hereis what I would like to do. I want to keep the new motorlooking like the 322 as much as possible. I will reuse the originalair cleaner, power steering pump and generator. I have a Rochester 4Gcarb with the starter switch so I can keep the push to start featureon the gas pedal.

    I have a set of valve covers with theair breathers and one with the PCV grommet that I could use. I preferthe looks of the air breather type valve covers.

    I have a valley pan with the hole forthe draft tube, and one without any holes.

    I want to keep that carb, but there arenot any vacuum ports on the base.

    What is the best way to add a PCVsystem? I thought about a PCV line from the draft tube hole to thecarb base but there are not any vacuum ports on the base of the carb.The intake manifold only has one vacuum tap. It will be used for thedistributor.

    There is a boss on the manifold that Icould drill and tap for a vacuum port, but I am concerned that wouldaffect one cylinder over the other seven.

    Should I tap the base of the air filterfor the PCV? I kind of hate cutting a hole in the air filter base,but that looks like it may be the best choice.

    I appreciate any comments orsuggestions.

    1956 Buick Century Estate Wagon

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    One suggestion would be to get a 1/2" carb spacer and have it drilled and tapped for a tee. One side of the tee goes to the valve cover where the PCV valve is and the other side of the tee goes to the power brake booster if so equipped. If you don't have power brakes, then an elbow would work.


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    The air filter tap would only be suitable for the air into the crankcase, it would not be suitable for the pcv vacuum line. You would need to follow the suggestion above or tap into the manifold as you suspected. You would want to tap into the plenum.

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