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Thread: 55 roadmaster rearend swap HELP!

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    55 roadmaster rearend swap HELP!

    I am in the middle of a resto-mod project for a customer.... he wants a 425/th400 in his 55 roadmaster... okay thats straight forward enough... but i am stalled on the Ford 9" rear.... I am trying to figure out how to setup the rear suspention... the car is already on an airbags, but all they did was stick bags where the springs were... still has trailing arms mounted to the torque tube, it still has the knee shocks even.... and i'm thinking that a trailing arm/panhard are in order... or should would a four link be smarter...has anyone tryed making a cross member and reusing the factory mile-long trailing arms??? we are not doing a frame off as there is not enough money in the budget, has anyone converted the TT rear to a open drive line??? if so how did you do it??? also i was toying with the idea of a two piece drive shaft... any thoughts??? all help is appriciated... and as this is a customers car i need to come up with a plan soon.

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    See this thread starting with post #33. It's not the same year, but the idea is the same: use Chevy truck trailing arms:


    The Chevy truck trailing arm swap has been discussed on that site, so try searching there for other posts. Here are a few:

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    My suggestion is to find a '61-'65 FullSize Buick or '63-'70 Riv. in the salvage yard. If you have both cars up on the lift you can compare the two & see that they share many of the same features. You retain the 12" brakes & through some careful measuring you can transfer all the nec. brackets. It will look factory when done. Make be the least expensive & least hassle in the long run.
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