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Thread: Buick 340, 2004R trans questions.

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    Buick 340, 2004R trans questions.

    I need to link up w/ someone who knows a/b this swap I really want to do w/ both my 65/66 Skylarks. I want to put 2004r's ehind them. I need to know things like what years of that trans should get or not get? What extra parts or pieces are required to make sure everything's right? Can I use the same x-member? Where's the best place to get what I need? I really want to do this for the overdrive factor but want to do it right from the start w/ minimal aggrivation if any in between. I'd appreciate some feedback on this, thanks.

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    My 65 has the conversion.I didnt do the work myself but i understand it's pretty much a bolt in operation,other than hooking up the linkage to the carb.That's best left for a trans shop to do.You want a 200R4 from a carb application.
    Also i saw your car in the garage section & you mentioned headers as a future upgrade.Sanderson is the only company making them for the 300/340 right now & they have issues.....
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    2004r swap in my 67 Skylark

    I am doing this right now, I was happy with my ST300 until it jumped off of my work bench and broke the bellhouseing. The 2004r that I picked up is from a 1986 pontiac it had a 305 chevy in front of it I took it to my trans guy to bless it. It needed new 4th gear clutches everything else was fine. Try to locate the newest unit that you can find the dipstick tube should come from a BOP Chevrolet does not match up with the engine. Cooling lines can be spliced with the donor car and your originals I used compression fittings on mine. The rear cross member slides back to the Th400 position unless You are working on a ragtop then you need to fab up crossmember mounts I used 1 11/4inch angle for mine. The carb arm I picked up from Pheonix transmissions Great people to deal with. TheTV cable mount came from year one, I did need to raise the carb 1/2 inch to allow clearence for the TV cable, Bow tie overdrive supplied the lockup converson for the torque converter. I am working on my shifter now. I bought a kit from Shift works more great people to deal with.I hope to have the car back on the road this summer.


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    Most (maybe all??) 200r4 trans have the dual pattern Chev/BOP bell housing. The ones from a Buick GN or Monte Carlo SS are built stronger Proper TV cable adjustment is apparently critical.

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