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Thread: 1948 Roadmaster Straight 8 resto

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    1948 Roadmaster Straight 8 resto

    Hello to all who can appreciate this old gal. Wondering if anyone out there knows their way around her? I pulled the windshields but am not sure how to remove the chrome trim. Seems to be really secured to the body. Also need some help removing the wipers. It looks pretty complicated and would appreciate some help if anyone has any info.
    Attached some photos of the progress so far. Photos of the inside of the trunk highlight a restorers nightmare. A perfect example of what you don't see can kill you!! Notice the use of steel wool to support the bondo!!
    Oh well, can't upload anymore photos? Not sure why.

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    Cool moulding removal

    most mouldings on my 48 special was bolted from the back side where ever someone could get a hand in,the places where you cant get behind will have spring clips,easily pried off from outside of car. it is all stainless and polishes well .if it is a 2 door model i have some mouldings that will fit it.and i have a pair of fender skirts for it too,with a few dings and dents but easy fixable.e mail me with your needs have sold some parts through this site everyone has been satisfied.
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