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Thread: Having a 300 V8 rebuilt - advice, opinions?

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    From my experience I wouldn't run the spark plug wires along side each other for much distance or you will have an induced current causing a misfire.


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    Nuther Q?: should I leave all the spark plug wires the same length?
    or can they be cut to make a better looking wire loom? - they are 8MM.

    any decent preformed set of plug wires has at least 4 different lengths among the 8 wires, if not having all 8 of them their own length.

    you make a plug wire long enough to reach #8 and you're going to have to waste all kinds of wire coiling up the slack when you wire #1. you're also likely to have issues with capacitive crossfire such as kcombs is describing.

    I wouldn't run the spark plug wires along side each other for much distance

    that's what the wire looms are for. to maintain a minimal air gap between the wires and reduce the capacitive coupling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Gibbs View Post
    nothin fancy unless you count the 100 hours of porting work that would cost the average guy about 5 grand at a conservative labor rate of 50.00 per hour.

    very true, however, there are other ways of getting a head to flow more air - such as postive displacement devices (aka turbos, blowers, superchargers).... and a turbo on a Buick is just right no matter who you are

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    Back to my Q?; I watched the guys on Muscle Car make a sparkplug wire loom using
    the plastic tieties - I guess the wires were about 1/2" apart. The plug wire holder on the top of the valve cover also puts the wires 1/4"-1/2" apart.

    My Q? was less about induction, more about the length; After looking at some high $ end wire sets, they are cut in different lengths.... Now I'll look for some stats on induction.

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