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Thread: 53 Special Heater hose routing and fluid levels

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    53 Special Heater hose routing and fluid levels

    I'm doing a rebuild on my 263 and putting all new hoses in the car. I am wondering what the routing for the heater hoses is. Not the path that they take but which one hooks to wear. It seems like there are only 3 places on the engine to hook the hoses too. There was a "T" make out of galvonized pipe in one of the hoses. Included in the plumbing is the transmission cooler. I want to make sure it is plumbed correctely so that way the trans gets cooled. Any help would be great.

    Also how much oil does the engine hold? Trans too?



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    53 Special Heater hose

    Looks like its time to invest in a shop manual. They are available from

    Here is how the hose routing goes see your email for diaghram
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