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Thread: need help..... 1957 buick century

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    need help..... 1957 buick century

    I live in alaska and have restored many chevy muscle cars. I am 26 years old and when I was about 9 I went to visit my grandmother in texas. on the property was a ungoddly amount of cars. My grandfather walked me out and told me to pick one, I picked a old caddy and he was like no brian your special. he walked me over to what he said was his favorite car. leading to its parking spot you could see were it was muddy, they got it stuck and just never moved it. I never thought much about the car until a year ago I went back for the first time to find most of the cars gone. I walked up to my car and just fell head over heals for it. It is a 1957 buick century hard top two door with a 4 barrel 364 nailhead. 23,000 original miles on it. The curves of the body spun me for a loop. I completely lost all interest for my past chevy obsession. It doesnt have a single dent on it, all crome is perfect, the paint is very weather beaten, and one tire is missing, the interior is in need of some love. My question is, is it worth it to bring this car to AK to restore? how rare are they? how much are they worth? (this is the one car I would not sell because of the story, and before my grandfather died he told me "Brian every time you stomp on the pedal ill be in the back seat smiling") The car means the world to me but my issue is i dont make a ton of money and have a family that is my top priority now. I cant find to much info on these cars, just on the special. So what i need to know is if all of you were in the same situation would you do what it takes or just wait on it? and i would love all the info i can get on this car. How many were made? is the reason i cant find info because its rare or because its just not wanted? and the nail head..????? oh the nail head... ive built every chevy engine imaginable but never heard anything like a 364 nailhead.... is there many upgrade options? im looking to you buick guys to help a completely converted newby learn everything i can. Im starting over but im starting over young so i have a lifetime to perfect these beautiful cars. thank you all so much and i hope hear from you soon.

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    go for it

    i say make grandpa happy and go for it...

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    All the info you need is here:

    The body style is also similar to the '57 Oldsmobile 88.
    Sean Smith
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    1957 Special 4-door Riviera (hardtop) model 43

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