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Thread: 455 oil mods.

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    455 oil mods.

    What oil modifactions are done to a 455 for drag racing?

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    oil mods should really be done with any thorough rebuild. and any competent professional Buick engine builder will already know most of these anyways. if somebody tells you they know what they're doing with Buicks, but don't recognize most of these steps, run away from them.

    by far the easiest is simply making sure you have the 5/8" pickup tube that was installed in the ~1972(?) and newer engines from the factory.

    if you're going to get a new TA oil cover, ignore this:

    check stock oil pump for wear:

    Enlarging main bearing feeds:

    Proper placement of Oil Sender, the factory placement is at the front of the block. you could lose a bearing in the center of the block and all oil pressure further back and still be showing pressure on your gauge:

    Jim Weise covers much of the same information but he's never finished his "how too". still a lot of good stuff in here though:

    DO NOT use rope oil seals. we can use modern neoprene stuff for both the front and rear:
    i don't have my part numbers handy at the moment but TA stocks them

    BEFORE starting the engine, prime the oil pump:

    this one is PURELY optional and somewhat controversial. some people get a little flaky about pouring epoxy in their engines. don't be surprised if the builder has never heard of this one:

    installing a torque strap is also a good idea when you're done ... breaking your driver side engine mount can make for a REALLY bad day:
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    I would recommend purchasing a book like this one:

    How to Build Max-Performance Buick Engines
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