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Thread: 65 Skylark bumper resto

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    65 Skylark bumper resto

    Hey, can anymore recommend a reputable shop to repair my 65 Skylark conv.'s front and rear bumpers. They are original and the chrome is getting thin and its taken 44 years of dings and dents. They are not terrible (the front has that typical tear on the top middle, about a half inch) but need restoration as I'm finally getting around to the body. I'm in the northeast. Thanks.

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    triple plated

    10 years ago, i had front and rear bumpers chrome plated. rear was triple plated: copper, nickel, chrome.

    front was regular plate: nickel, chrome.
    I was told front was triple plated, I just found out it wasn't 10 years later. No I didn't keep the receipt.

    my front bumper has several areas that chrome and nickel cracked, are blistering and rusting my bumper. the rear bumper has no blisters, it can probabaly go another 10years no problem.

    from what I learned copper is softer, so it is more flexable, it provides protection to metal from rusting, if Nickel cracks. Nickel is alot more harder, or stiffer, more likely to get cracks with age. Chrome is almost like a clearcoat, just provides nickel protection from tarnishing.

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