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Thread: 263 straight eight

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    263 straight eight

    On my 263 straight eight, when I tighten the camshaft plate it is hitting the freeze plug is there a shim that goes behind the plate also what are the torque specs for the plate bolts

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    You would probably be better off putting this thread in the straight 8 engine section. It is much more likely to be seen by people that do a lot of work on them. That said, No there are no shims behind the plate. I would say that your rear plug is installed too deep. You may have to back it up a little. This can be accomplished by tapping the cam back against it with a rubber mallet. Don't hit it so hard that you knock it out. Although if you do you should be able to reinstall it without too much trouble. I don't have the torque spec you are looking for, but I bet several on the aforementioned straight 8 thread you will get a response.

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