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Thread: 1951 buick special engine turns over real slow

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    1951 buick special engine turns over real slow

    I have been restoring my buick and I have the engine and tranny back in her,well I bought a new battery for the car and she turns over real slow.I have spark and fuel,she just won't start any help would be helpful
    Ken Ferry

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    Buick starter

    Did you have the starter rebuilt ?

    Worn or improperly installed bushings can let a starter armature drag in the stator , under load .
    It may seem fine on a test stand , but have no "oomf" under load .
    It's a "start" ... pun intended .

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    Then when you are ready to make you next attempt:

    Static time your engine with an ohm meter or light bulb on the points

    Make sure your float bowl is full. Find a the vent and pour gas into it.

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    Hook your battery charger up to it and put it on boost to give it some extra juice. After typing that I just realized that not everyone probably has a battery charger. If it's a 12 volt system you could add some more juice with your everyday driver and a set of jumper cables. Also, "new" batteries are not always fully charged when you buy them. They should be trickle charged for a day or two to make sure they are all the way up. This is much easier on the charging system in your car. Cars with generators that only make short, once in awhile trips will almost never get a low battery up to full charge.

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