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Thread: 1960 Buick Electra Brakes

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    1960 Buick Electra Brakes

    I need to know where i can find replacement brake parts for my 60' model. This is my first buick and i have no idea who has good parts at reasonable prices. thanks for any help.
    Ben Brooks

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    Hi Ben, and welcome aboard. You'll find getting parts for these old Buicks can be a challenge. I found my local parts store was able to get most of the parts I needed when I did my brakes a while ago on my '60 LeSabre ragtop, though I had to rebuild the wheel cylinders myself. Kanter probably has everything you need, too - http://kanter.com/ . And if you're interested in converting to front discs, I just did it - check these threads:


    And here's a thread on converting your power drums to a later model booster with a dual-reservoir master:

    Good luck.
    Bill Lynch
    '60 LeSabre Convertible
    '59 Olds Super 88 4dr Hardtop
    '58 Chevy Delray Sedan Delivery (ex-Yellowstone Park car)
    '68 Nova
    Chicago Gearheads Car Club

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