Hi guys. I picked up a set of Buick Road wheels (15x6, year/model unk) to put on my '60 LeSabre ragtop. The problem I'm running into is that the rims won't fit on the back, the "hub" area of the rim won't clear the axle's flange (the lip that the brake drum & rim slide over). Another point to note is that the current rims are held on by 9/16-18 lug-bolts, as opposed to regular studs with nuts.
My idea is this: Use aftermarket wheel spacers - Mr. Gasket makes a 5/16"-thick one which would be perfect, though the I.D. of it will need a little clearancing, it's just a tiny bit too small to slip over the axle flange. And for the lugs, I was going to use 9/16-18 x 2" long grade-8 bolts, Loctite them and thread them in from the backside of the flange (like a drag-race axle's stud), and use 9/16 lug nuts.
Anyone have any opinions or other ideas? Your input is appreciated. Thanks.