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Thread: 340 man is there aftermarket parts for it

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    340 man is there aftermarket parts for it

    iv got a 340 wanting to give it alittle bling but man i can not find anything for this motor. looking for alum intake chrome or alum valvecovers . checked with all my proformance shops here Knox TN, and nothing
    if anyone knows of a place that may sell aftermarket parts for the 340 please let me know Thanks

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    some Rover v8 stuff can be used but their intakes are too narrow (the 340 has a taller deck height which pushes the heads further apart).

    the Land Rover / Range Rover v8's from 1965-2004 are actually the original Buick small block v8 ... 215 ci and aluminum block from 61-63.
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    Alum Valve covers for 340

    I got polished valve covers for my 300 in my 67 Skylark from Summit Racing. The polishing was pretty good except for around the screw holes.
    They were unpolished there. I masked off the fins and glass beaded them to a satin finish. Turned out pretty good. Price then (2015) was about $300
    if I remember right. Good luck!

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