You’ve heard the expression, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Beauty can take the shape of many things, even a vehicle. I believe we all possess beauty in our vehicles. Your vehicle’s beauty may be hidden from its true form due to oxidation, dull paint, neglect or any number of other reasons. I can restore your vehicle’s hidden beauty and maintain it for years to come.

I’ve been rejuvenating customer’s cars, as well as my own, for thirty years. I give my all when transforming a vehicle’s appearance. It has to pass my critical standards or I know it won’t pass yours. I will treat your vehicle as if it were my very own.

I work out of my home, by appointment only. I will review your vehicle’s exterior/interior condition & give you my assessment as to how I can renew your vehicle’s appearance and my estimate of what the treatment will cost.

The duration of my services is justified when you are satisfied. There is no set time allotted each vehicle.

Please take time to review the Customer Testimonials section and see what others have said about their vehicle’s transformation. This site is still under construction.

Please check out my website & visit often.