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Need proper nailhead valve cover grommets and blocked intake manifold gaskets

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Thu, 20 Sep 2018 23:53:29 -0400
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Looking for a source for factory proper diameter rubber valve cover grommets for my 364 … the replacement wannabes I have come across are too small in diameter ( 3/4 inch ) … too thick in profile, the I.D. hole is too large&nbsp;<br>and the material is way too hard … &nbsp;My originals are in great shape except for one …. factory ones are soft and have a 1-inch diameter thin washer that sets within the top of the grommet itself for the valve cover bolt to set upon &nbsp;…. I would&nbsp;<br>post a few photos as I can on every other site but here I can't get them to load up and post thus the long description ….<br><br>Also looking for a manifold gasket set where blocking of the heat passages have been incorporated into the gasket design thereby eliminating the need for inserting separate metal shims to block the passage ways ...<br><br>Thanks in advance … dg

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