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02-05-2003, 07:46 PM
I'm rebuilding a 64 401 that has previously been rebuilt.The block has been bored .030" over. I'll need to bore some more to clean it up. What's the maximum over size? and where's a good source for the parts I'll need. Pistons, performance cam,rocker assy, etc. Anyone know of any good books out there on performance building the nailhead? What combinations work best?

Dr. Frankenbuick
02-06-2003, 02:16 AM

Cast pistons are available in .030, .040 and .060 oversizes. I would have the block sonic tested before going with the .060 piston. It may not be possible depending on the internal core shift from the factory. That way you know before you spend money on pistons that you can not use. Forged pistons are not available off the shelf for the Nailhead. You would need to have a set made by one of the piston manufacturers: read big bucks! There are some forged new-old-stock TRW and Viola 11:1 sets from time to time on Ebay or websites, but these will still cost at least $400 if you are the one to get them.

Kenne Bell (909) 941-0985, Poston Enterprises (800) 635-9781, PAE Enterprises (915) 855-6009, and TA Performance (480) 922-6807 are the major venders for Nailhead parts. Some things are no further then your local NAPA (rebuilt rocker assemblies, water pumps). Carmen Faso (716) 693-4090 carries hard to find Nailhead items and is great at helping people define their combination and its needs. He also supplies some of the parts the others carry.

The Chassis Service Manual for your year has most of the information you will need for a rebuild. These are available on disc as well as on Ebay and the Buick websites from time to time. The venders at the numbers above will provide technical assistance if asked. We, of course, are also standing by to provide guidance and direction as needed. Have at it! :D