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03-30-2016, 08:22 AM
I was just given a 1970 350 out of a Lesabre and wanted to know if the motor mounts were the same as a Chevy 350. I want to mount it on an engine cradle and none of cradles seem to be for a Buick engine. I'm a Chevy person ad do not have a lot of knowledge on Buicks

Dr. Frankenbuick
03-31-2016, 03:32 PM
The Buick and Chevy 350 engines have different mounts and mounting points. You will need to find the Buick frame equivalent of the car you want to install the Buick engine in and use the frame pads and mounts from that Buick. So, if you want the engine in a 68 Chevy A-body, you would need mounts and frame pads for a 68 Buick A-body with a 350 Buick.

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bob k. mando
04-01-2016, 07:43 AM
and wanted to know if the motor mounts were the same as a Chevy 350

back then, all of the GM divisions had their own engine designs, all of which were completely different and don't share anything major. for instance, all of the lower divisions produced "350" badged motors, all of which had different real displacements.

Buick == 349.31 ci 3.800" x 3.850"
Olds == 350.06 ci 4.057" x 3.385"
Poncho == 353.98 ci 3.876" x 3.750"
Chevy == 349.85 ci 4.000" x 3.480"

you'll notice that the Pontiac is almost 354 cubes while the Olds has the biggest bore. Buick has both the least true displacement and the narrowest bore, good thing it weighs ~100lbs less than the Chevy. :D

the Buick will connect to a BOPC ( Buick, Olds, Pontiac, Cadillac ) trans but NOT a Chevy bell housing. the BOPC bell pattern shares only the two alignment dowels and the bottom two bolt holes with the Chevy, the other four holes above the dowels have different spacing. there are dual pattern bells ( especially on 200r4 transmissions ) which will bolt up to both types.

there were three different configurations of 350 available for the Le Sabre in 1970, 'SB' and 'SO' codes are not very desireable. if you happen to have an 'SP' code engine, that was factory rated at 315hp and was the highest output ever available from a Buick small block. an 'SP' code would be desirable for the high compression pistons it would have.