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HELLO Tyson, I was cruising the forum and saw this post. was wondering if you ever figured out the info on the vin you requested for the 65 riviera
Hello Mr. Gauthier this is Skip. Could you suggest the best place to buy new or reproduction parts for the car? An who do you suggest for NOS or used parts that are of good quality? Also are there any books you would suggest to buy to help work on the car? Thank you so very much in advance for your time and help!
Thank You
Haven't been here for awhile. I've had some what I consider improvements (Holley sniper system, complete re-wire, new water pump) done to my Invicta. Looking for the emblems for the grill and trunk lid along with new wheel center caps. Any help would be appreciated
Just so you know, I have a buildable '71 455 core available in the Albuquerque area for $200. I also have a (running when pulled) '73 455 for $600, and a mildly upgraded, never run, turnkey '70 455 for $4000. I know it's a little far away, but it's a nice place to visit too. Pics available. Ask Manny
Sure that 54 cadillac is different of Buick 55?Only gears,piniongear,house of all bearings,and in sweden kronhjul.The big gear riveted in house.?Give me the right advice for my friend ho has a broken axle.Sorry of bad spelling.Stubbe in Sweden.
Hi Tom, thanks for your input on my continuing Buick saga.
Interested in your opinions on the open drive conversion process.
I have seen torque tubes converted with some short trailing arms.
I wonder if it would bind up during cornering, etc.
Curious what you want for the 61 center as well.
My plan is to visit the pick a part yard tomorrow but we've been getting snow all day and it continues.....
thanks for letting me join, i just started a restoration on a 66 buick wildcat with the 401 nailhead.
i have never worked on a nailhead before so any tricks or things to watch for is much appreciated.
thanks again.

Sorry I missed your post on Saturday. My phone is 757 244-5087. Give me a call when you get a chance and we can discuss the car.

Hello i am still working whith electronics in my workshop.I have also pension from sweden.Intressed of Buicks,Indian,Harley motorcycles but the biggest motorcycle i own is a Kärnan whit 120cc Husqvarnamotor.Year 1950,and a Dkw 98cc from 1938.And some mopeds.Svenna. :) 🍻
A Buick 54 Nailheadfreak,
If you love 54's, I have one for you. she has 17,622 actual miles since new! Call Larry Reilly in Iowa at 319-296-3066
Im still a Buickfriend whit my Lady 56c.Running many "mil"not miles this summer.No problems and a nice ride as all the summers before for 40 years.My wife enjoys the rides here in Sweden.But now it is time to get the Lady to sleep for winter and dream about next ride next summer.Cheers all Buickfriends.Stubbe in Sweden.
I have some waterleak still,under tranny now.Maybe cooler or hoses?Anywone knows any newbuild cooler?
Proud owner of a '64 skylark convertible. Also a board member of the Minuteman Chapter of the Buick Club of America
Hello Buickfriends.I am still the same guy a old man working still whit electronics.And have joi whit my Buick 54 and my Wife also.Where to a meeting for only Buicks in Sweden this weekend ,76 Buicks in Skokloster sunny wheather and many nice people.A ride from Ludvika about 45mil/not miles we have kilometres.Nice to be back in Team Buick.Stubbe in Sweden..
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68 wildcat
68 wildcat
Looks like a fun time. Did you take any pictures?
Yes but i are not god to put them in computer yet.i will try soon..
Hi Todd. You supplied me with belt line molding part numbers a year or more ago for a 75 Century wagon. LR 9620809, RR9620808, LF9673655 and RF9673654. Will these for sure fit my car ? $500 plus shipping is a lot to spend if they won't fit. Thanks in advance. Mick