Where do I mount the Stereo Adapter Box?


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Wondering where the "Stereo Adapter" should be mounted. All I see for instructions is "Remove Stereo Adapter from bottom of instrument panel passenger side." And there's no obvious way it should be mounted. Anyone? ( Radio is model: 7298974.) My car is a '66 Electra, but I'm not sure the radio is original. It looks to be from a '67 Riviera.)
The ‘66 stereo adapter for the LeSabre/Wildcat/Electra mounted beneath the dash using the 2-right screws of the glovebox hinge. Delco set no is 7293644. See attached Fig. 120-49 from the shop manual.

The ‘67 stereo adapter for the Riviera mounted beneath the dash using the 2-left screws of the glovebox hinge. Delco set no is 7298974. See attached Fig. 129-11 from the shop manual.

These drawings show some differences in the mounting brackets regarding hole count and bracket offset. The Riviera hole spacing may not be the the same as the Electra. Hopefully it will mount as per the original with minor modifications.


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Thanks, Todd and Tom. I was looking at that diagram in my manual but I felt like the unit is too heavy to be held on just that strip with two screws/bolts. With your wisdom I'm confident to go ahead.