SWF Nail Head Rebuilder


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Could anyone recommend a quality engine rebuilder for my 63 425 in South West Florida. I think the cam wiped out and I'm concerned about metal shavings in the motor. Need someone extremely reliable that has been doing nailheads for years. Suggestions would be appreciated.

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There is a problem on V8Buick by BamaWildcat. Dave rebuilt his engine a couple years ago & after 5K miles he has had problems & there has been
0 (Zero) communication from Dave.
There were SO MANY things wrong/substandard & no matter phone calls., e-mails, etc. there has been no response.
Unlike MANY except for crankshaft cutting ALL the work performed by my machinist & myself is done in house INCLUDING crankshaft polishing.
It's hard to find a shop that contains everything in one shop nowadays.

Tom T.