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Straight 8 Rocker Question.

Great Balls of Fire

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Does anyone have a picture of a straight 8 with the valve cover off? I'm trying to piece together a 1950 248. The manual shows an oil tube going to the top of the #1 rocker support, but the picture is not very clear. Any info would be appreciated.

The oil line fits in a hole in the head. The overhead is all that is filtered on the straight 8s,and there is a special fitting that has an orfice in it to reduce the overhead oil.


I had to work on the head, disassembling all the rockers, supports, etc

The main rod that supports the rockers arms is drilled all along with some little holes at each position of a rocker.
It receives oil from a little metal hose connected to rocker support #1 coming from the oil filter. It distributes oil to lubricate all the rockers all along from the inside.

I have a head, complete, took off from a spare engine i have for my '51. If you need some photos, i can take some pictures and send it to you. Just indicates an email address.