Standard Bellhousings

That is an interesting question. What cu. in. nailhead are you looking for a housing for? The only number that comes up right now is 1373725 for a '65 Gran Sport. I believe the nailhead was offered in mid to late '50's GM pick ups as a heavy duty option. That would probably be the early blocks, but may yield a source for standard bell housings if you are looking for the smaller engines.
I am sure someone who knows will chime in:)

1162804 is for the 40 series '54 and '55 (early)
1345121 is for the 60 series, '53-'56 (early)
1192896 '57-'60
1348906 '63-'66, this number seems to be actually a misprint and should read 1348905
1373726 '65-'66 and is definitely a 4-speed housing.

This list may not be perfect, perhaps a more knowledgeable member will give additional info and corrections!


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Bellhousing I know what years will interchange and trans were used. 417 751 3828 skip I donot know #s