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Hi, Looking for a bit more help on the Sportwagon restoration -This time related to the ST300 and the switch pitch system

1 - Can anyone tell me just how the two-wire outer connection at the transmission comes off? I know this may seem obvious but mine seems really tight or stiff and I have tried easily prying the black plug connector off of the trans plug(solenoid switch?). I cannot seem to loosen it or get it off. The plastic plug (solenoid switch?) in the trans is now moving, and now is leaking fluid...from my "work". I see in the chassis manual on this website fig. 5-107 how the solenoid sits in the trans body - it probably has an oring or two that are now leaking? But how does the outside connector come off ? - is it locked in any way or should I just keep pulling / prying straight off?

I have the stator and detent switch off at the engine end (intake off for painting/gaskets) - and want to remove the assembly but cannot seem to disconnect at trans connector...

2- Does anyone have a photo or better diagram than that on fig 5-38 of how exactly the idle stator microswitch at the throttle linkage is activated? Is there a lever or rod or screw that touches it? I feel someone may have removed a part(s?) off of my engine. Everything looks right however no apparent means of depressing the micro switch.

I have attached photos from my car

Thank-you in advance

DaveSP Microswitch at throttle - 65SW.jpgSP conn at ST300 - 65SW.jpgSP conn at ST300 - 65SW-2.jpgSP Microswitch at throttle - 65SW.jpg
I dont see the plug to have hex shape so dont think it is threaded. Is it held from inside, pan removed? You possibly broke the seal/oring reason that its loose and leaking. With all that oil wouldnt hurt to replace pan seal to investigate this. Also replace seal behind the shifter fork while pan is removed.
In regard to microswitch just wondering why someone would disable it? On my vehicle it had broken neutral switch appeared to be broken for long time, so when it stalled(frequently) on the road i could start it up while it was moving.
Ive since replaced neutral switch, so if it stalls i have to roll to a stop before i can start it. I've fixed the root cause of stalling.

I dont have this model vehicle, lets see others input....
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The connector at the trans. just pulls off.
Spray it with some carb. cleaner & it will soften the rubber so it will pull off easier.

Tom T.
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Thank-you Tom - I hadn't considered the old carb cleaner - i do believe it's just heat-hardened on but wanted to check with you guys out there first before I went all Schwarzenegger on it