Replacement rear bulb sockets


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I picked up something new like that for my 63, but the metal tabs are not of correct metallurgy. So, after the socket is installed, the tabs bend open to a loose fit. That won't work because the tabs are supposed to have some spring or rigid to not be as pliable. Also, the ground in the socket is not connected, so it may work but adds open in dual lighting circuit. No wont work on 63.

Terminals commonly found if u think might help to resolve your problem if connector not works:
Digikey #A111590CT-ND CONN QC RCPT 14-18AWG 0.250. 640417,4142976
Digikey #A100804CT-ND CONN QC TAB 14-18AWG 0.250 CRIMP 640416,2233293
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