Preferred Buick Specialty Vendors and Rebuilders

Re: Preferred Vendors

:waving: Hey Buick Enthusiast's

For those of You that are interested.

Bob has done a "SPLINDID" Job of posting a list in the "Reviews" Section of the site. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I suggest that You all take a look at it and possibly add to the list Vendors/Suppliers of Parts & Services.


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Hi ,I would like to recommend a newsletter/magazine that is very helpful in all areas of your restorations "AutoRestorer" magazine AAAAA+++++
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:D I persoannaly do not hesitate to ask for help in the location and where abouts of parts and companies. I appreciate all info and get the real deal from you guy's, Tom my surgery went well and I will be in touch. A web site for this club with approved vendor rarings would take some time, but it would be a valuable source for everyone. I find that I trust Tom Gallagar's judgement on this issue, but we all must acknowledge that Tom is not here for that, he is the veteran with the advice that he willingly shares that helps all of us on our vechicles. I agree that a rating book would be nice. I only have had to order one thing for my car, a shop manual. Kanter sent it right out, now I am skeptical about ordering from them due to reading about some problems other guy's are having. Bottom line you need the part, due some research and get the part. Ask these guy's questions ! The help we get here is unreal and all we have to do is ask.......HELLO. :bana:
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The real test will be RE-Hab!

With Vendors & Suppliers there are 3 things to consider

Quality of Service
Quality of Product
Competative Price

I understand Kanters Kits are very Good. But a lot of these Big Parts Houses get their product from "OTHER" Sources. They are the middle man and make a handsome profit for just handling and service.

The trick is to find the original supplier.

All rubber products are purchased from steele rubber so you are better off dealing with them directly.

A lot of Parts are available locally at Napa, Advance, Parts America, Auto Zone ECT.

That's what this is ALL about.

Where is the BEST Place to do Our shopping?

Then of course there is those hard to find items and....

Those Good Mom & Pop Places that only a few people know about

Where can you get a quality brake drum with enough material on it

Brake Parts everybody has but drums are another story.

Where to get Torque Ball Parts seem to be another problem area. And everyone with a Dynaflow sooner or later will experience the same problem along with sealing the leaks.

So Any/All HELP! in these areas will be of GREAT Assistance


Tell US more about your car. Interior and Exterior colors.

I myself am very interested in the interiors and how the color combos work out.

For example: I have Red/Black Interior!
Black Steering Wheel, Black Carpet, Black Trim Moldings and Dash.....
RED Headliner:confused:

I covered a lot of territory here.

Any/All responses will be Greatly Appreciated!

Tom Gallagher