Preferred Buick Specialty Vendors and Rebuilders


Hi all,
Hope this is the correct location for this thread. I'm sure this has been talked about before, but was wondering if Team Buick members have put together, or want to put together a "nationwide preferred vendors" type list of Buick specialty people or companies.
I've seen this type of list used in many other clubs (automotive and non).
Basically how it works is that individual members can recommend a vendor or supplier that they had a good experience with. Other members can then add good or bad experiences, ala BBB or ebay type feedback.
I think this type of easily found list or spreadsheet on one single Team Buick forum location would greatly help members with their Buick questions and restos by using reputable vendors instead of hunting and pecking thru all the forum threads. Sound good ?
Any senior Team Buick guys know how to go about setting this up ?
Preferred Buick Specialty Vendors, Suppliers & Services

:wavey: Hey Glen

I couldn't agree with you more.

I have given out hundreds of Vendors/Suppliers for Parts & Services.

It iis rare that I get any feedback at all. I assume some of it was good. I have only heard one complaint.

I will list the vendors that I have had Great Experiences with.

Perhaps other members will do the Same.

Inline Tube: Fuel & Brake Lines Cables

Buick World:Replacement parts

Bob's Automobilia:Replacement Parts

Terrill Machine: Engine Parts, Transmission and Motor Mounts

Steele Rubber Products: Weatherstriping & Rubber Products.

Restoration Specialities and Supply: Clips, Fasteners, Window Channels

Fatsco Transmission: Dynaflow Transmission Parts

Then and Now: Fuel Pump Rebuilding
Antique Auto Parts Cellar: Mechanical Parts

Diamondback Tires:

Por-15 Rustproofing Products and Paint

Bill Hirsch Automotive: Engine Enamels and Hi-Temp Paints

Carson's Antique Auto Parts: Mechanical Parts

Parts American: Assorted Mechanical & Suspension

Eastwood: Unique Automotive Tools & Supplies

Classic Car Exhaust Systems: OEM Replacement Aluminized Exhaust

There may be a few more. I will have to check my receipts
These are business that I personally have done business with.:thumbsup:

I received Excellent service at a Fair Price.
I was not gauged and the expression "Rare Parts" which translate in extra money was not used

If any other members have had a good experience with a parts or service Vendor/Supplier

PLEASE Post on this bullitin board.


Tom Gallagher
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I think glen has a great idea. I especially like the idea of being able to contribute to a vendors overall reputation. For example: when I first got my Buick, the only contact I had was Buick World. My first 2 experiences with them were great and I recomended them to A LOT of people. Since then I have had a couple really bad experiences with them and will now only use them as a last resort. They still owe me parts that they charged me for well over 4 months ago. Every time I call and ask them about it, they say, "Oh yeah, those are on order. They'll be here monday and I'll ship them out first thing!" I let two weeks go by, call them again, and they'll give me the exact same story over and over.
But I digress. I love the idea, and hope someone can figure out how to set up an interactive list. Thanks to Tom for starting the list off. He's covered all my sources. Sorry about the rant.

Vendors Suppliers

:wavey: Hey Chub Chub

Hi Scott, whats doin' on.

Sorry to heard about You bad experience at Buick World.
What type of Part are You waiting for!

But by posting this other members will learn!

I have already heard similar storys about Kanter and Cars.

Some of these Speciality Houses are OPPORTUNISTS and are taking certain "LIBERTYS" and unfair advantage, being the only game in town.

It's that kind ofbussiness acumen, I don't want any part of.

I know companys have to make a profit but a whose expense.

There is always a Fair Margin and then there is the WINDFALL PROFITS
at our expense that We can all do without.

Kanter is always advertising Buick Brake Drums but never has them!

I have heard both Good and Bad about Cars. One member says their interpretation of NOS is "Nasty Old $&!+".

Others have said that they have had a good experience.

Since I haven't done business with them , I really can't say anything exect I think some of their parts $prices$ are WAY out of line. This leads me to believe they really don't have a conscience hand have no moral problems with taking adventage of Buick Owners which are their "bread & butter".
Why would you bite the hand that feeds you.

Case in point: I bought a Dyanflow Transmission Mount and Thrust pad from Terrill Machine both for $45.00 + $5.00 Shipping
Cars is charging $98 bucks for the same part plus shipping.
Double the price, nice mark-up.

Some Places like Kanters will charge $110.00 for a Waterpump + your core and/or a $25.00 dollar deposit + shipping.

You can order the same rebuilt water pump from Napa $50-$65 bucks depending on year & model.

These are just some isolated examples! I could do this all day long. Some are even worse, really bad! ...others are fair!
These Vendors do have a lot of parts and restorers probably do some "One Stop Shopping"

I hope other fellow member with post their experiences both Good and Bad!

Then we can get a better idea of what REALLY goes on out there


Tom Gallagher
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Hey Tom,
They still owe me a set of plug wires. I kind of forgot about them until this post came up. I just went and found my reciept and realized it's been over SIX months, not four, since they charged my card for them. I just got off the phone with them and guess what they said? "Oh, I thought we already shipped those out to you. We'll be getting some more in on Friday and I'll ship them right out to you." I guess we'll see. Now I try to buy everything locally or order from a local shop. It just "feels better" than ordering on line or over the phone, but sometimes there is no choice.

If we do this, do you think we will get many people with postive feedback, or mostly just a bunch of complaints that may or may not be warrented? This is my biggest concern.

Which section of the board should it live in? Should it be a subforum?

What should the posting instructions be? I suppose that the first post about any vendor should be the business name.


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Most of the companies I've been working with so far for repairs/replacements for my 56 Roadmaster have been recommendations from long time members of a local car club up here in Minnesota. So far I have used the following folks and have been very happy with the products and service received (of course this is coming from a newbie)...

APT Instruments Intl, Inc. (instrument cluster rebuilds, gauge repairs, etc)

Vendors that Tom already listed that I would recommend as well.

Steele Rubber Products
Diamond Back Tires


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Is there anyway the Forum can support voting??

I think folks would benefit most from a rating scale much like eBay where members can submit ratings (positive, neutral, negative) and provide feedback. That way everyone could rank vendors. A list of recommendations can either be one lucky persons single experience, or a whole lot of folks great experiences. Tom's recommendations carry weight because of his reputation. Mine on the other hand would not be worth much, unless 100 other newbies agreed with my experience. Every business can, for whatever reason, create a bad experience for someone, and I'd hate to see an otherwise great organization get penalized because of a single (or handful) of bad experiences. On the otherhand, if folks only complain about a vendor then perhaps that is a warning sign.


Re: Vendors/Suppliers or Parts or Services

:wavey: He Buick Enthusiast's

I don't think any of us want this to become a forum where we blow off steam.
or become a Customer Service Department, that's kind of counter productive.

Just try to keep it simple.

If You think of it along the lines of say: Who would You Recommed to a Friend and Who You would stay clear of.

We will I'm sure run accross Vendor that most of us are unaware of which will be a learning experience for most of us.

My recomendations are based on my personal experience and feed-back from other members I recommended a particular vendor to.

Hey, I'm just a regular guy, a Buick Enthusiast like the rest of you Buick Nuts.

I do perform a lot of research which I hope is recognized and appreciated.

I like to HELP! other members out when I should be working on my own Buick:laugh_4:

I don't feel like justice is served when another members asking a question, which is important to his particular application and is in need of guidance comes up empty-handed or without a valid response.

We are all equal here.

All considerations should be equally judged on an even playing field!

The Best places to do business with seem to be the lessor Known "Mom & Pop" type places with low overhead, doesn't advertise except by way of mouth, and supplies friendly dependable service and appreciates your business.

or someone who does something particularly well that most of us are unaware of like Olsons Gaskets. That's all he does is make gaskets for anything you need.

A Club like ours can be a very powerfull thing.

You can even get a discount from certain vendors.

On guy told me I was nuts. It would never happen.

Happy to say another club did it with Diamondback Tires about 5 years ago. With the Savings I was able to Get 5 Primo Tires for the Price of 4.

Apparently it must have been good for Diamondback Tire also because every spring since then they have run the same promotion 20-25% off a group purchase. :thumbsup: Saved Me $150 Bucks! Not Too Shabby

These are the outfits we would like to showcase.

Sorry for straying off the subject matter a bit, but I'm just trying to make a point about working as a group.

After all this is TEAM BUICK!

Keep the suggestions comming in.

Hopefully we can come out with a group of "SELECT" Vendors


Tom Gallagher
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Sub Forum

:wavey: Hey Bob

I know where your coming from.

This shouldn't be a Crying, complaining, B!&<h and Moan session and I'm aware of other legal issues the could be confronted.

Keep it simple no "particulars" involved

Simple yah:thumbsup: or nay (we will need a Thumbs Down Smilies) would be sufficient

It could be a subforum in the resoration section "Parts and Services"

Just food for thought

We are in the midst of winter doldrums. Perhaps we can wake some members and get them out of hibernation!


Tom Gallagher
rcull said:
If we do this, do you think we will get many people with postive feedback, or mostly just a bunch of complaints that may or may not be warrented? This is my biggest concern.

Which section of the board should it live in? Should it be a subforum?

What should the posting instructions be? I suppose that the first post about any vendor should be the business name.

I was thinking a button you click on that would be placed at the top of the page by "showroom" and "reviews". The button could say "vendors" Each vendor would have a 5 star possible rating. People could vote 1-5 stars and the average would be displayed. If possible, comments and reviews could be made unless this poses legal problems. I don't know how difficult this stuff is to do so just say if we're asking for too much. I have been told that I "have champeign taste, but a beer budget" before.

Great Balls of Fire

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Brilliant idea!

Just have the Company info, a rating (stars?) and maybe a short 1 line comment section (limited characters). That should keep the complaining down to a minimum. The admin's could delete any damaging comments. This could be good for customer service also...

Example: :):):):)
My first choice when looking for Parts.

Atlas Auto Parts (No stars)
I will never do business with them again.


RCULL.....DON'T KNOW IF IT CAN BE DONE, BUT BLOCKbusters and net flick has a rating scale for each of their movies, and each member can place their own rating and then the ratings are averaged, this rounds out some of the bad and accounts for some of the good of each could put up a list of vendors submitted by the membership..each member in turn rates each vendor and the rating is averaged..$/$$/$$$/$$$$/$$$$$ from 1-5 based on service/price/availabilty of stock........I know I would be calling the vendor with 5 stars before I call a guy with 3 stars...just my two cents worth...Paul:hurray:
I think we may be able to do this in the "Reviews" section of the site. It hasn't been used for much anyway. You can rate with it, post with it and more. I'll have a go at setting it up.
Review Section

:waving: Hey Bob

I think that would be great!

Thank's for being so accomodating on such short notice :thumbsup:

From the Reviews section would we be able to get E-mail notification:confused:


Tom Gallagher

Hi Bob

A few different headings would be great!

For example:

Body & Trim Parts
Interior Parts
Engine Parts
Driveline & Suspension Parts
Rubber Parts
Miscellaneous & Salvage Yards

Something of that nature.

Did I miss Anything! Just examples!


Tom Gallagher
I guess catagories would work for vendors who specialize. As far as vendors who carry parts for a variety of applications, a brief description of the company would be helpful.
REVIEW Section

:wavey: Hey Bob

I see that things are taking place in the review section

How will we be able to list Vendos and make recomendations?

I guess it will be a learning experience.


Tom Gallagher
OK... here is where it is at right now.

Newly registered users can read reviews, and place one review per day.

Registered users, (Members, level 1) with 5 posts can post, but there post is moderated. That mean it is read before it is displayed.

"Team Members" can post and review. This means that they can upload a product and post reviews.

Moderators can do the above and edit posts.

Try it and see what you think.:clonk: