New to the Buick World... mom's 66' Skylark


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A bit about me, I've built a few Camaros over the years... parted out (and wrecked) a few Camaros over the years... But I know my way around a Chevy 350 and LS1 and F-body platform.

So my mother's first car is her 1966 Buick Skylark convertible. Over the decades, it went from British racing green, to candy apple red. My father and I rebuilt the 300 switch pitch trans and the interior too. He was a Corvette guy, so everything needed to be parts-original. Sadly, he passed away a few years ago.

So to present day. My mother only spends 6months in S. FL and wants to drive her car to the beach. My job, is to get it running...

Right now, this is my nemesis:


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We have the 66 Chassis Service Manual in our reference section on this site. Section 64-20 covers the Rodchester 2GC in detail from operation to repair procedures: have a look! We like pictures of entire cars candy apple red if you please.