New Shop in North San Diego County!!!!


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Just wanted to let everyone know a couple of friends of mine,(a couple of old timers, but they have years of experience and knowledge), and I have opened a restoration and body shop in North San Diego County, (Vista) We started this so I could get my Wildcat back in prime condition but since more and more people have brought us their cars to work on. We are working on them all, but since I am a Buick fan I am offering discounts on any work for my Buick Family(everyone here
) the shop is called Premier Auto Concepts and we can be reached at 760.599.6462. So if there are any of you out here in need of some work, paint or a proper going over let us know we are here to help. Great work at a great price...everyone wins.


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Cool! :thumbsup:

I'm out here in El Cajon....where does everyone else live?

I have a 64' Lark that I'm wrenchin' on these days.


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Premier Auto Concepts - One year later

Do we have an annual report? :bgrin:

Haven't been able to make it up that way in a while.


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63 lesabre

i have a 63 leSaber 401 nailhead with 2 speed dynaflow, thats great news i need to give you guys a call im down over here in in between spring valley and paradise hills was looking for a place who specialized in buick.......