new AMPs!!!


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I 'm changing some of my amps that have served me well, but can be improved upon. I'm replacing all my Buicks' systems' stereo with Tube driver amps.KI will be keeping the JL Audio 500/1 Class D fr the subs and some very old Soundstream Reference Class A 6.0 and 10.0 amp that are very musical sounding.

Here's one of the tube drivers I'm getting:


Rare Russian tube pre-amp section and a hybrid TO-3 solid state amp section.50 RMS watts X 4 (never judge an amp based on numbers. As an engineer, I know how tests can be planned to emphasize or exaggerate something like watts --which most people equate with quality. For this amp I'll run my front components--2 mid-basses and 2 tweeters using an electronic crossover, sending the appropriate signal to the 4 channel amp to the appropriate speaker.