Lost in the wires


Hello all,I recently purchased a 1975 Buick Electra 225 and have been making small repairs on the thing until I ran into an electrical issue that has me on pause.i was testing out the window motors and switches and notice there was no power to any of them so I ran a jumper positive and negative wire to the motors and they work fine,tested the switches with a multimeter and they're fine also.traced the power coming into the door panels and they lead under the right side dash into a relay.i tested the relay it's fine but when I tested the wires none of them has power.there is a red/white wire which powers the driver side window motor,there's a orange/black wire which I'm assuming is auxillary and powers the power door locks.then there is a pink wire coming from a panel box under the dash but to the left ,right above the hood release latch.all 3 wires join on a single connector but the pink and the orange wire comes from the box I just mentioned.i tested all the wires coming from that box and none of them has power.any one knows what the problem could be? And also does any one knows what the pink wire is.im assuming it's acc when the key is forward in the ignition but there isn't any power coming from those wires with key forward,backward or even if car is cranked


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Welcome to our world. Right above this post , at least on my computer, is a link to the 1975 wiring diagram. Perhaps the answer is there.



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With power accessories, problems are about 95% found in the wiring harness running between the door and the body. The flexing of the harness fatigues the wires and it breaks inside the insulation, so it can't even be seen. Sometimes things work irregularly for a time before total failure.