In-line bulb behind dash?


A9C75CF6-94D4-4CFC-B1DA-2A708525A660.jpegHi! What I. The world is this in-line connector behind the dah for? Instead of a fuse it has a bulb. Yet it’s nearly completely covered so we see the light where?? It hanging out somewhat behind the headlamp switch.
Looks like a courtesy lamp socket to me. There should be a metal bracket up out of sight under the dash.
Is the socket your pointing to the one you mean???
IF yes it's for some type of courtesy lamp socket.
I was referring to the one above the screwdriver.

Tom T.
The housing with the 4- fiber optic cables going off to the right in the picture is the Seelite cable assembly. Light comes out the other end of the fo cables which are attached to the back side of the dash. They provide backlighting for the wiper switch and the headlight switch.

The screwdriver is pointing to the Seelite cable assembly lamp socket. A #181 bulb plugs into this socket. The socket then plugs into the Seelite cable assembly. This is a 3 candlepower bulb. It must get pretty hot looking at the charring on the housing.

Here is a drawing from the 1969 Chassis Service Manual showing more detail. There may be another Seelite assembly on the right side of the steering column if the car has accessory switches.


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