How is the fuel gauge on a '67 LeSabre supposed to work (depending on ignition)?


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whats the way it should normally work?

A) when you turn off the ignition, the fuel gauge stays at its old position
B) it returns to "empty" (and returns to its old position, as soon as you turn the ignition back on)

My guess is B (like in other cars of that age w/ eletrical fuel gauge/sensor), but actually in my car it seems to be A...


When you turn off the ignition switch it can go to whatever position it feels like going to.
To check the wiring & gauge dis-connect the wire at the tank sending unit. This can be done at the back of the vehicle & it will normally be a brown wire. With the key on the gauge will go all the way to one position. When you ground this wire it will go all the way into the other position. This checks the wiring & gauge from the rear of the vehicle to the front. IF it doesn't do this then there is a problem with the wiring or the gauge.

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my "problem" (if its a problem at all) is that my gauge wont move after switching off the ignition - it remains fixed at its current position (case A above). Everything else seems to work just fine.

That leads me to my original question, how this is supposed to work in "factory condition". Is the gauge switched by the ignition or is it attached to a "always hot" connection?