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you started it bob"

and stop being a condescending a##hole

how about you stop talking politics and then complaining when other people talk politics back at you?

keep calling me names.
i'm sure that means you're winning. or something.
Just because I disagreed with your inturpitation of an open document, or two, and don't accept the discredited ideas of a self corrected author, I was called "blind" and refused to see. Or was that would not see. Simply because I pointed out how your "logic" was wrong. I followed one of your links bob, and lost over and hour of my life I will never get back. A woman rambling unrelated facts, like all people who follow these "hidden conspiricys". And notice how the surpreme court has no meaning to people like bob. They have made decisions over the years that eat away at bob's "10th amendment" argument. But since bob doesn't agree with those rulings they must not be legal, even though that is what the constition says the judges are for, defining with is constitutional and what is not. Over six hundered thousand Americans died over this issue and bob not rembering that is the "blindness" that I fear. You can have your own opinion bob, just not your own facts!


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I'll never get those two hours back

I realize I'm only 62 now and only survived three recessions and one race riot and now eleven presidents and yet to see even one right of mine as a citizen of the United States of America taken from me
Well, you just keep doing the same ol' angry white man thing. Believing a list of unrelated facts just to suit your purpose. Way to go bob! Keep up the good work.:hurray::clonk::hurray:
triggered, are we?

anyway, i think i pretty much called the fuel price bottom. Diesel is up over $2 / gal pretty much everywhere.

And notice how the surpreme court has no meaning to people like bob.

that's not even close to my position.

but for a nation founded to best express THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE to then be characterized as ruled by nine black robes ... *shakes head*
I think this thread has become too long, and a few people have got onto the causes of the prices of gas. Unfortunately, this moves into politics:( and people tend to become offended by others beliefs, rightly or wrongly. While I understand that it is easy to comment on the causes of situation, it is not uncommon for someone to see the causes from a totally different perspective, rightly or wrongly.

So, I have decided to close this thread and start a new "Gas Poll". Maybe we will do this each year...

While commenting will not be discouraged, becoming argumentative will, so respect the others beliefs, even if they seem stupid!:beers:
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